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Last Updated: 4/15/1998 @ 4:55 PM EST

Welcome to my site dedicated to Myth: The Fallen Lords. I was honored to be a beta tester for Myth, betas 3, 4, 5, and Final Candidate 8. I was also a admin.  I was SatanTM on when I played.

This site is primarily a strategy site. By now most of you know what the characters look like and do, what the premise of the game is, etc. This site will feed your Myth addiction. I have attempted to minimize the image sizes while still providing good quality footage not seen elsewhere.

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November 7, 2001: The site is back online for archival purposes. This is not the version that last appeared before the server crashed, but the important stuff (walkthroughs, etc) should all be here. If you want to email me, the old addresses should still work. This site is completely here for archive purposes only. No work will be done on it in the future. I hope you enjoy it.

April 15, 1998: File those taxes yet?

I posted the unit creation walkthrough (or part 1 of it anyway) to the Mapmaking Resource page. Also, I updated ElBastard's post about the structure of a Myth MONS file for a unit. With these two documents you can make some funky new characters, so go to it! Part 2 is coming soon, which will tell you how to give your unit unique characteristics, new names and quotes, and more.

April 14, 1998: I got myth unit creation down. I will be writing up a walkthrough similar to Tycho's as soon as I get a chance (hopefully tonight).

A notice from " The Capitalist Pigs" came my way and I thought I'd pass it on. Here it is:

The Capitalist Pigs have recently started a new gathering called the Inter Order Battle Night. This is a way to get Orders together for a night of fun, sportsmanship, competition. We have decided to use the Code of Conduct written by Case and Ferrex at The Myth Codex as the basis for the Inter-Order Battle Night (IOBN). We believe that the spirit of both the Code of Conduct and the IOBN are the same. Currently The IOBN is being held on Saturday nights, from 11:00 PM EST to 1:00 am EST in the rooms Bagrada and The Drowned Kingdom.

Sounds like fun, so check it out!

I have two new character units on the way, so I do not need anymore. Once I figure how how to make this work I will post a cohesive walkthrough on the Mapmaking Resource page.

April 13, 1998 (later): I just made archer heros that shoot Rhi'Anon bombs, and dwarven heros that fire pickles. Wahoo! (btw, a pickle doesn't seem to hurt very much). This hex plug-in stuff is easy once you get the gist of how it works.

April 13, 1998: Did my taxes last night. Yuck.

Today I added the first stage of the Sons of Myrgard Myth Mapmaking Resource. This is going to hopefully be a comprehensive place to find what you need to make Myth maps. Right now it's mainly links to the best sites, plus some of the more useful posts from the FutureMyth Forums. Soon it will also be a repository for map tools, editing guides, and more. Map editing/creating is what will allow Myth to survive into the future, so don't be afraid! Give it a try and see if you think it's fun!

I also figured out the patching stuff and can now reliably create a patch for any map. Now I just need to work on creating my own units. This info is available off of a link on the map page as well.

In other news, I am developing some nice Mac GUI tools that may end up being a quick-and-easy tag editor before it's all said and done. The Windows versions will have to come later, because I don't have a PC to compile/test any code I write. All the same, the code I do write will be portable. Don't ask to have the code to compile it either, because I won't be giving it away unless I'm satisfied with its quality. Stay tuned.

Ferrex over at The Codex has been going into detail abot the hexed maps on bnet thing. The story is this: Ferrex is an Admin. He was doing a good thing by testing the scoring system. He will not do it again now that it has been tested. We all still want him as an admin, so he will continue to be one. Case closed (hehe, sorry Case, couldn't resist).

If anyone has any great map-making resources, let me know. Since the map editors are seemingly never coming (and from what I hear we won't get them any time soon), I want to make some tools to help people get started. This place could be map central if people wanted it to. I have the space now. Thanks.

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