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The Prophecies


The Seventh God is an ambitious add-on for Myth2: Soulblighter. The finished free downloadable project consists of 18 solo levels allowing you to control and fight against over twenty new characters. There are also several multiplayer maps available. The goal of this project is to expand the Myth world into an unknown land. You'll be controlling a new set of characters who find themselves struggling to overcome an invading force led by the controlling Disciples of the Seventh God.

Project Update: Monday 12/15/2008
After receiving permission from Clem of Creation in March 2007, I've finally created this mirror and made one of Myth's most amazing conversions available again for public download. Thanks, Clem!

The Seventh God · v1.4  (216.4 MB zip) [3742 downloads]
The Seventh God · v1.4  (166.9 MB 7-Zip)

You may also be interested in the Creation Games and Clemapalooza sites for lots of additional downloads, including Morte Della Luna.

Project Update: Sunday 5/20/2001
We have updated the long-dormant Prophecies page with the text of the level 1 pregame and, more importantly, a download link that will allow you to download and listen to an mp3 of the narration and music, by Glue the Moose. Enjoy hearing the voice of Gorlan the Blind for the first time.

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