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Coming of the Dark is a series of single player maps designed to bring to life the battles of Myth's history. It is a high-quality series that features excellent gameplay designed around past battles referred to in Myth: The Fallen Lords and MythII: Soulblighter.

Inspired by such great solo maps as "Across the Gjol" and "Shadow of the Mountain" comes a solo map designed around defending a river pass against impossible odds. Retake the bluff from Light forces turned by the Deceiver, and try to succeed where the prior defenders failed...

Back History on CoD: Banks of the Ire

The Warrior flavor text for Myth: The Fallen Lords says "Maeldun's only words on returning exhausted to Tyr from a long campaign in the East to find half the city burning after a raid by pirates from Leix were 'Show me the way to Leix.'"

The journal entry for the TFL level 'Forest Heart' says: No man has seen one of the giants since the first battle for Seven Gates thirteen years ago. They helped contain the fury of Balor himself for three years, but on the fourth they did not return and the pass was lost.

These two events, the fall of Seven Gates and the attack of the Leixians on Tyr might have happened about the same time. We know that Tyr fell twelve years before current events in Myth TFL, and that it did not fall to the Leixians but to The Deceiver and The Watcher. Although it is possible that Maeldun's conflict with Leix happened well before the events of the Great War, we surmise that it may have been the attack of the Leixians that forced the retreat of Maeldun and enabled The Deceiver to enter the West, and start his march to Tyr. Tyr, already weakened from the Leixian attack, would have been ill-equipped to deal with such an assault.


Enjoy this journal entry pregame story with accompanying graphics and music at the beginning of the level, or read it here...

Soulblighter was held once more at Seven Gates in the battle three months ago, thanks to the the awe-inspiring might of the Forest Giants. But alarmingly, the Giants have not returned, and the snowy slopes of the Cloudspine are already starting to turn green once again. Should Soulblighter finally achieve the victory the Forest Giants have denied him so long, Covenant's armies may well be forced to retreat, leaving our southern flank open wide.

I joined Maeldun's armies with the rest of the host from Covenent following the battle three months ago, and was initiated into the ranks of the Tyrian Guard. A legion from Scales later joined our party. With these fresh soldiers, Maeldun pinned the Deciever against the Cloudspide during the whole of the winter months.

But the Deciever finally got his chance when Maeldun got the news three weeks ago about the struggle at Tyr. The Fallen Lords have not reached the great cities of the West... but the Leixians have. They have taken advantage of Maeldun's absense to settle an old score wrought seventy-five years ago during the War of Succession, when Leix, then a Tyrian prison colony, revolted, starting the bloodiest uprising in Tyrian history. When the carnage ended, the prisoners were victorious, and turned their island prison into an independant nation - a nation of thugs, brutes, bandits, smugglers, and killers. Building a navy the likes of which the world had never seen, they have terrorized the coastline for the better part of a century. They have never been victorious in open battle - until now. Sending a fleet from their island capital, the Leixian navy battered the coastal walls into submission before invading with an army of mercenaries.

Maeldun left immediately to save what is left of his city, closely followed by the Deciever. He left all the troops from Scales and a battalian of Berserks as the rearguard at the Ire River. Their orders were to stop the Deciever and his army from crossing at all costs, and to secure our escape.

The Deciever has a way of making people forget their orders.

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