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A brutal warlord and his clan sweep over Feudal Japan. A young boy witnesses his village burned and his father murdered. After years of training, it is time for him to take his vengence, free his country, and fulfil his destiny.

Bushido's solo campaign might sound like the typical cultural folk story - indeed, it was designed around the concept of the typical folk hero - but the gameplay is anything but. While retaining the strategy and tactics of Myth and Bushido, new complimentary elements are introduced. Some, such as the hero Yoshitsune's ability to pick up different weapons and items, which, for the first time in Myth, switch all the unit's animations so you can visually identify what weapon he is carrying and fighting with, allow for new tactics by micromanaging this hero. Others, such as the occasional eye-candy in-game special effects that were once thought impossible, simply make the game a lot more interesting to play... You'll do a double-take at times, thinking, for example, "WOAH, did that horse-archer's mount really die seperately and the archer fell off and started fighting as a foot-archer?" There are many other jaw-dropping scripted special events, some subtle like the above, others not.

Some of the five long, intricate, and unique solo levels combine traditional elements of offensive attacks and defensive strategies. Others have elements of stealth. One level even provides a totally new style of gameplay, based on quests in which you must outmatch or outwit your opponents.

Add to all this the great new artwork, music, and voice narrations you have come to expect from Creation, and you have a quality campaign that will remain in your plugins folder for a long time to come.

BUT WAIT! That's not all! Along with the download, you get two all-new Bushido multiplayer maps from Creation for renewed Bushido fun on bungie.net. Play with your friends and ordermates. AND - You get a plugin called "Shidoblighter" that lets you play six of your favorite Myth2: Soulblighter levels with the Bushido tagset. These levels were previously either unplayable with the Bushido tagset, or impossibly hard. They are "Gonen's Bridge," "Landing at White Falls," "The Stair of Grief," "Walls of Muirthemne," "The Wall," and "Shiver."

You also get a set of films for the solo, completed on Legendary, and a set of optional custom formations for those who use the default Bungie ones.

Download the Bushido Solo archive today!